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thinking about accutane

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ive had acne since 8th grade going into sophomore year next month and tried a variety of things. my doc presribed me tarzoac (however you spell that) in 8th and gave me serious redness/iching/peeling so i kinda stopped on my 2nd tube it didnt help my acne either.

freshman year tried out proactiv halfway during the year, it helped but didnt clear my acne 100% i have some serious scars on the both sides of my cheeks and i get zits on those places sometimes.

few weeks ago i started getting a group of zits/pimples around my jaw area and neck, most of them are gone so their kinda scarred.

i continuously have zits and pimples pop up and scars wont go away. check my album pics to see what im talking about. i think im gonna call up my derm to get a presription for accutane cause i havent tried that yet but im kinda scared of the side effects i read about. the school year is about to start and fall pictures are kinda early in the year i dont really want redness/peeling i read about. if i were to start now (early august) you guys think i will be clean by the first week of september?

wow this is long as sh-t i hope someone will actually read it :neutral:

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yeah, as long as you take good care of your face/body you should look fine ( probably not much better, but definately not much worse ) than you look now...

as in, moisturize alot while on accutane, drink TONS of water

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