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Hey all. My name is Kevin and I am new here at Acne.org I have been looking through the forum all day today and have decided to take some of the advice that I have seen people give here on on the forums.

I have mild to moderate acne. Acne runs in my genes. I have been to several dermatologists and it has not helped me much. I will still be going to a new dermatologist in a couple of weeks. It is a Tulane University dermatologist. Tulane is a well known and well respected univerisity here in New Orleans. Until then, I will take matters into my own hands and do the best I can with what I have. I have ordered some vitamins and B-5 powder and will be using that. I am gonna start off by taking 3 mgs of B-5 every day and i will slowly up it to 10. As far as vitamins go, here is the list of what I am currently taking.

Fish Oil

Flaxseez Oil




I am trying not to drink any softdrinks. Instead I drink water every day. I am going to start adding lemon juice to my water as I have heard that this is a very helpful thing to do.

How much water should I drink a day and how much lemon juice should I add??

I tried Proactiv for a bit but it did not help any so I will put that aside for now. I am using a soap right now that I have been using for about 2 years or so. It is called Panoxyl Soap. 10%. I will keep using that twice a day.

In the morning after my shower I am going to use my Panoxyl soap and Different Gel. After my night time shower I will use my Clindamycin gel.

I have ordered Carleys Clear And Smoothe. I have seen people swear by this product. I will cut out the Clindamycin gel and start using the Carleys if the Clindamycin doesn't cut it.

I will keep you all up to date on how everything goes. Especially after my B-5 adventure. I hope all goes well. I ordered my B-5 from BulkNutrition.com and it should be here within a week or so. Until then I will continue everything mentioned above.

1.) Does smoking affect acne in any way. I really don't need opinions on this. I need hardcore facts.

2.) What is the healthy, reccomended amount of sleep to get?

3.)Could dirty pillow cases be affecting my acne? If so, how often should I change my pillow cases?

Thanks in advance.


If anyone has any additional reccomendations, please let me know. I will post pictures tonight.

Here are some pictures.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Thank you all in advance!!!

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alright dude, have you thought about givin dans reg a go? don't be put off by your failure with proactiv man it's well worth a shot, anyways good luck wink.gif

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Smoking may not DIRECTLY cause your acne. However there is something thats known as a "smokers face". Ie, unhealthy looking skin.

Recommended sleep is 8 hours a night. Pillow cases could be a culprit, Change then every 2 days and try not to rub your face into your pillow while you sleep.

As far as water is concerned, drink as much as possible all day. Dont chug 1 glass then wait 2 hours to drink somthing again. Its best to have a constant source of hydration, nursing bottleof water all day is the best way to do it.

I did use lemon juice for awhile but found it to be too much a hassle to always be cutting fresh lemons, especially with the amount of water i drink everyday. Also, i didnt think it had much effect, if any at all.

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your acne is far better than mine, far better

and i consider myself mild sad.gif

i would get some benzoyl peroxide gel in your life, if you dont have some already, i swear by that stuff already

my cheeks are twice is bad as you, i have some on my chin, my cheek acne goes all the way down to below my jaw and top of my neck, my forehead has several pimples, i get some behind my sideburns

id consider you light :-D

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Hey guys. Thanks for the comments. The only Benzoyl Peroxide I am getting is from the Proactiv cleanser. I am however using Sacrylic acid. I use Neutrogena 2.5 Sacrylic Acid acne wash. I am also taking in about 5 gramds of B-5 a day. I am waiting for my Carleys Cear And Smoothe to come in the mail. If none of these work, I will give Dans regimen a go. smile.gif

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Defintly change your pillow case atleast once a week. I recommend showering before bed, or atleast washing your hair and face. Give the regimen a try, and cut back on ALL sugar, and white processed flour.

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