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Vitamins While on Accutane (Starting Tomorrow!)

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I'm starting my Accutane course tomorrow. My dermatologist put me on 5 months of 20 mg/day. Nothing too crazy! But I already have an immune system that's pretty shot, ridiculoulsy thin hair AND bad back problems, so I definitely want to take my Accutane pills in conjuction with vitamins.

I was wondering if you guys think that these are the right vitamins:




Fish Oil



Too much? Should I take less? I'm really clueless on this one!


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vitamin e, c and omega-3. what's with everyone and biotin, there hasn't been any studies or success with people with accutane inducted hairloss that biotin made their hair regrow, people that have taken it in their course and they still got hair shedding.

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ive read as well that many people find biotin breaks them out. you might be better with a b complex vit. the others sound fine, cant see them doing any harm anyway! best of luck with your course!

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I've been taking biotin for a couple of years now and it has DEFINITELY made a difference in my hair and nails. Prior to taking it, i could never grow out my nails far enough to even get white tips but now they grow so fast and strong I have clip them every week! The difference in my hair has been less drastic but there has definitely been improvement. It is possible that biotin is breaking me out because the time frame does seem to coincide with my acne flare up. But now I'm on accutane anyway (a month in) so I'll wait to see how the course goes before I try cutting out the biotin.

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