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morning: use basis bar, no moisturizer, no bp

night: use cc blackhead scrub, rinse off scrub, then basis bar, then bp, no moisturizer

only use the cc blackhead scrub every other day

important: keep the scrub and basis on your face only as long as it takes to apply, do not rub the product around on your face, it should take a max of 7 seconds to apply, then right away rinse off. Don't bother trying to rub off the clean and clear blackhead scrub, that stuff is like glue, you'll only push it further into your pores then needed, the basis will get it off w/ ease

You need to use these products no other, i've tried every cleanser and basis is the only thing that actually cleans effectivley and rinses off. the blackhead scrub is the most gentile SA product i've ever came accross, but surely does enough exfoliation.

background info/long version(i wrote this before deciding to just write out a short version to have at the top)

I've been fighting acne since highschool, and right now i'm about to go into my sophmore year of college. I've tried the regimen and it worked okay but not perfect, and it was a pain in my ass and embarrasing to be in the bathroom for 10 extra minutes like a woman putting on "makeup" as my roomate would joke. Ive tried so many over the counter products and combinations, moisturizers, toners, glycolic acid, sa cleansers scrubs pads, boltcha, strictly dan's reg for months at a time, and ive never really fealt satisfied with anything. But i finally think i got it, i've been clear for about a month and decided it was time to try to help some of u guys out, cause i wish someone had told me exactly what to do when i was checking this site board every day for a "cure"

I know theres nothing that works for every person, so i'll just say what my skin type is and what kind of acne i had. My skin was and still is very oily. When my skin does get dry cause of winter or too much bp i only get flaking around my mouth and a little on my cheeks. I would have many tiny bumps on my forehead at any given time, but i had the worst on my cheeks, i'de say i had mild acne during the best times, and moderate at the worst, my face was never as bad as some peoples in that i never really had cystic acne. Now and then i would, but it was mostly those evil whiteheads that start off as a red bump and then form a disgusting head that u can either pop and have a huge red spot or leave and have a smaller disgusting puss filled red spot.

Enough blabbering, heres what i do. First off, no moisturizer ever. My theory is that there is no substitute for your skins natural moisture, and your skin doesnt overcompensate for dry skin by producing more oil. Why is it that people think that ur skin just absorbs this stuff like it is natural. If it is in or on your pores the oil that is supposed to come out of the pores to "moisturize" your face will be blocked/clogged to some degree. Earlier in the summer i left cleanser on my face a little too long in the shower and my face fealt incredibly dry and was flaking so i used some eucerin renewal(the moisturizer i used to use the most and thought was the best) By the next day i could see the pimples forming, and i ended up with a few pimples that i contribute completely to using moisturizer instead of just waiting an hour for my skin to rehydrate on its own.

Use the basis bar cleanser morning and night, it is by far the best. Only at night apply bp, unless u have an active pimple then i would spot treat in the morning. Every other night use the clean and clear blackhead scrub, only leaving it on the skin for as long as it takes to put on your face and clean off. Don't press hard at all, i find that this stuff is kind of hard to wash off with just water. Thats why the basis used right after. And thats it. without the cc blackhead scrub every other night i get a few pimples, and if i use it everyday my skin gets too dry.

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