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I'm so tired of acne ruling aspects of my life

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...Diet, in particular. Can't have dairy/alcohol/sugar/junk-food, etc. I know that when I eat these things, I break out horribly. 5 minutes of having ice-cream in my mouth or enjoying beer means that I'll be in hell for about a week

5 minutes of pleasure

10,080 minutes of annoyance

Not a very good trade-off. It makes me pretty jealous when I see these people with porcelain complexions that eat anything they want, wash their face in beer, etc etc and never get a SINGLE zit their entire lives and then go:

"Harrr Harrr just wash your face and you won't get zits, duh!"


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Shit sucks yo

But there are still healthy alternatives to junk/sweet food that can still taste good and be healthy and not break you out

Certain fruits, for example -- can satiate sweet tooth and not break you out so long as you don't eat too much

Almond milk in replace of cow's milk

etc. etc.

in the end I suppose it's just a matter of self discipline

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i know what you mean...i go through the same cycle. I eat nothing but healthy food and stay away from all the sweets and alcohol. It really sucks because like you said, eating some chips or a chocolate bar will be real good to crave on for a couple minutes, but then the consequences come later and it sucks!. I also envy the ppl who have spotless skin and are able to eat whatever they want without worrying about breaking out the next day:(. However, if ur having a healthy diet it isnt so bad also since you are keeping ur body healthy. it still sucks tho....

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I personally haven't had dairy/sugar/sweets/soda/take-out in over 4 years. I've quite literally not even had a french fry in that long. I've trained myself to not want to eat anything like that... and I know that -even- if I did eat it, there still wouldn't be anything to gain from it, because immediately afterward I would feel so damn guilty and it would negate any sort of momentary pleasures.

Right now, I'm in the healthiest shape of my life, so it makes me feel a lot less crappy about not including stuff like that in my diet.

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Have you ever taken antibiotics in your life?.

If these foods make you break out like you say, its highly likely that you are suffering from a candida yeast overgrowth.

Do you get bloated after eating rice fruit sugar or anything starchy?, are you often times more bloated than not?. Do you have regular constipation or constipation when you eat these foods?, are your bowl movments thick and long, or thin and sort?.

Do you go more than 2-3 times a day?.

Let me just say this, that this is not normal.

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I've never taken (at least in the past 10 years, to my knowledge) antibiotics. Candida has definitely been something I've considered but haven't really looked into heavily. I've been taking these pro-biotics for about a week, now.

I don't get bloated. I have regular constipation (at least once a day, sometimes two). My bowel movements are generally thick and long... depending on what I eat/how much water I drank.

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