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Dont really know which one to ask for..

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Im at my breaking point and have decided to go to a derm and get put on something. Now, im not really sure what to do or where to start.

My acne is mild-moderate. A few blackheads here and there in my oily spots. My forehead is the worst area and I have been getting alot of scarring papules and pustules. When I get them on my cheeks they are big ass papules that take forever to come and go.

With that being my type of acne, what would you suggest? A topical? An antibiotic? Which one?

Any advice would be appreciated. Im tired of waking up every day with a new horror and feeling like im down and out.

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I have mild-moderate acne also and my doctor put me on a BCP (Brenda 35-ED which is the same as Diane) in conjunction with Duac (a topical). It's only been a month since I started the regime but I can already notice a difference. My skin is sooo smooth. I still get pimples but they are less frequent and much smaller than the ones I used to get. I'm pretty sure the pill made my boobs bigger as well, which is a bonus ;)

Obviously something that works for others may not work for you. Just talk it over with your derm/GP and they can help you find something suited to you.

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