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Hey guys. I decided to write my common app essay on acne and i thought i be great if i shared on the org. Its not great or anything so feel free to edit or comment!! :angel:

It all started during my sophomore year of high school. It came gradually, slowly creeping its way into my life. One pimple came; then several others. At the time, I didn’t care. Everyone had pimples. Little did I know how overwhelming acne could become.

Junior year started out with a bang. Daily breakouts had left my face with a pizza color. Frequent mirror checks had occupied my time. And comments about my face never seemed to leave me alone. My thrill to go to school was gone; it felt like a chore. I avoided eye contact with everyone and stayed in my corner of the classrooms. After much turtling in my own shell, I felt I couldn’t hold much of a conversation anymore.

By the time Christmas break came, I had cut contacts from my friends, spent most of my money on acne products, and centered my life on this disease. I used acne for my excuse for everything - why I shouldn’t go outside, why I shouldn’t talk to a girl, and why I shouldn’t look for a job. My whole life was centered on the idea that it would all be better if I only had clear skin.

Then one day, walking home from school, I saw a girl on a wheelchair with a group of friends. One of her legs was gone and I felt sorry for her. But, she didn’t feel sorry for herself. She was laughing and having a good time with her friends. I was surprised at the time. How could she be possibly so optimistic when she was missing a leg? The answer was because she had accepted for whom she was. She didn’t see her missing leg as a flaw but saw it as a part of her. It took a while, but I too slowly began to accept that acne was part of my life.

Looking back, I felt that acne had ultimately made me a better person. I became less judgmental and more understanding. Now, I never judge anyone base on their appearance because of my own problems. Acne has also spurred a determination to succeed. Instead of staying at home, I began to use my time productively – studying for the SATs and helping out the Chinatown community. But the greatest byproduct of my acne was a deeper understanding of myself. Even during my mini-episode of hiding, I maintained a strong will to fight it out. This strong will has carried onto my life than just my acne. Such is true of my athletics. Be it the 5k run or life in general, I have learned that if one’s accepts his own flaws, it can be his greatest strength.

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This is very similar to my acne and how i feel. i am now a junior in college and still suffer with it. i have come to embrace that my skin will never be perfect, which is a very very tough pill to swallow. i strive everyday for clear skin, wishing and thinking about how many opportunities in life i wasted or turned down because of acne. this message really spoke to me. thanks for posting. good luck and god bless.

exactly how i felt/feel:

"I used acne for my excuse for everything - why I shouldn’t go outside, why I shouldn’t talk to a girl, and why I shouldn’t look for a job. My whole life was centered on the idea that it would all be better if I only had clear skin."

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I wanted to write exactly the same thing for a job application. I've been thinking about doing it for a few months, but you actually did it. Well done.

But after reading that, I have realized more and more that even though I accept that acne and having a disastrous face IS me and I can't change that, I am still not happy about it and I still make decisions based on the fact that I have all these things sticking out of my face which most other people don't have, and if they do it's not that bad. Honestly speaking though, mine isn't that bad either.

There are also things that I did in my childhood and early teens that shaped who I am today and the skills and characteristics that I have developed.

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Never cared about what product I put on my face. Never once looked at any flaw on my face. I was happy. Happier than anyone can imagine. Going out without worrying what’s on my face or what I put on my face. I migrated to the U.S  since my mom got married. I was excited, nervous and scared. I felt all the emotions you feel when you move to a new place, let alone a new country you’ve never been. I met my step dads kids who are my age, one a year older than me and the other a month older. I made friends and memories. As my life changes day by day, my face reciprocates. I noticed couple spots, even a big one! It hurts. I didn’t mind it or didn’t do anything. However, it got aggravated. I didn’t make a big deal about it since I know it’s “ gonna go away”. I started to feel conscious. I feel pain on my face. Changing clothes would hit my face and start to bleed. Putting a seat belt on hurt the most. I know right? How does a seat belt hurt your volcanic face. Well the belt touches the side of my face and it slices the bump. Ouch! Gross! Yeah I know it hurts more than you can imagine. I did everything. YES EVERYTHING! Acne ruined my self esteem. It ruined my happiness. I didn’t want to look at my face on the camera or mirror. Not even a split second becahse I am disgusted. Disgusted of everything about me. I’ve heard all the ugly ass comments anyone can say. Pizza face, clean your face, or a skin care recommendations I never asked. People talking to me would look at my spots. I feel gross. I wanted to become  visually impaired, so I would stop caring about my face. My ex boyfriend once took a picture of me and had even told me he will photoshop my face. That broke me. I cried every night. I told my brother I am talking to this new guy. I was pretty excited since I’m going to be meeting him. *sighs* He then said, “scrub your face  or he’ll be disgusted.” Well uh, sort of not  the response I was expecting. I can’t describe the feeling. I’ve taken my dermatologists advice, however, nothing seemed to be working. I thought maybe changing a new dermatologist would work. She then told me she can’t offer anything since I’ve tried everything. I almost started tearing up. My mom would yell at me and tell me I am being dramatic. She never gets it. No one gets it. Presently, my skin has been feeling good. It’s started to clear up. However, I am permanently damaged from my past that I still see myself today from 2 years ago.

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