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Strange question concerning my acne's progression

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This is my personal history with acne; may in the wrong forum, I don't know.

My acne started around 16 and 17, finalizing its worst condition at 18, continuing into 19 and 20; at 20, I was prescribed Doxycycline, which didn't really bring positive results until I was prescribed Sulfamethoxazole along with it, right before I turned 21. From there, I was totally cleared up until the spring of 2002, when I was no longer covered for the antibiotics. So the acne came back, though seemingly, at least in retrospect, not as bad as before.

Then near the end of '02, I was put on Minocycline, which worked quite well for the month I was on it, and then I was lucky enough to be on Accutane for two months, which was my skin's messiah for that time. And then I wasn't. Then I was back on Minocycline for another month, and then nothing.

And there's part of my point: when the acne came back, it wasn't as bad. And that was the beginning of last summer.

I then tried Derma Cleanse, which didn't work; then 3 months on my first brand of B5 (NOW Vitamins), and now I'm on the 4th month of my second brand (Vitacure).

And that's the second part of my point: I can't really say if it's the B5 this year, or the Derma Crap last year, or the Accubane before it, but I can say the shit's calmed down significantly.

And my question: WHY?

Could something I've done in the past year and a half have cured me in some way? Could the B5 be working, just at a slower pace than as expected? Or could time just be the prevailing factor? Or all of the above?

I really think this is one no paid dermatologist could answer. But I would very much appreciate one of some kind...

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