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SWEAT - what do you guys do?

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As you guys all know, sweat contains all those nasty little particles that clog up pores.

I'm just wondering what you guys do when you guys are sweating, particularly during the gym, running, or eating spicy food :P

Its just not reasonable to bring multiple towels (to the gym) and its annoying to keep going to the sink and washing the face after every exercise. So what do you guys do about it?

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How hardcore are your workouts?

If you're just there for an hour or two getting toned and fit then I don't see why you can't just nice a nice shower when you get home to get to icky stuff off.

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My face isn't oily but it sweats a lot when it's warm out and I am moving around a lot.

It's mostly my upper and lower lip area (around there) and by the sides of my nose. I have recently gotten 2 small pimples in exactly those areas. I think it's because I have to swipe my hand on them so much, super annoying. What does everyone else do? I work at a restaurant register and I can't be running off to the bathroom or blotting every 5 minutes. : /

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i have started taking 2 towels as i sweat so much at the gym! as long as you have a good wash afterwards with a gentle non irritating facewash you should be ok. if you have to wait to get home to shower you could use baby wipes to get the sweat off in the meantime!

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