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Is a Tan a good thing?

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My red marks are fading, like in the morning before the blood get's going my face looks awesome because u can't see the red marks, but after a workout or just walkin and i start to get hot or get hot flashes i look like hell. So would a tan be a positive thing to do. I usually use a bronze cocanut tan thing, that blocks out uv rays and let's u tan. Would this be alright.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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a lot of people say they aren't good for your skin in the long run, but you know what? you do need to be exposed to the sun every now and then.

I noticed that my marks fade 10x faster when I go out in the sun and stay there for an hour at least.

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A tan is actually the side effect of damage to the skin. It's not healthy or a good thing. Some exposure to the sun is good, but only about 10-15 minutes a day. Never go without sunblock with at least a 30 SPF as well as one which blocks UVA & UVB rays, otherwise it's pretty much useless.

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I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in April. I am 28 years old. I had not been tanned or burned in 10 years, however in highschool I was always striving to be tan because I thought my acne/discoloration would improve. Now in addition to acne scars, I have to contend with an ugly scar on my chest where they removed the cancer. A tan is not a good thing. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through this. Please stay out of the sun! :sad:

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I am sorry to hear Rynn, what's your original skin color? I've got cancer running in our family, but never a skin cancer.

I really need the sun, my spots have been fading 10x faster since I started getting exposed to the sun for at least 30 mins a day. I usually go outside during the early morning, around 7-8 when the sun isn't too hot. I dunno, it seems like it's helping my skin.. smile.gif

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