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Ive been on it for for a very long time (at least 5 years). It helps with red marks and scars. I remember it burned a little when I first started it, but that went away after awhile

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I used to use Tazorac when I first started getting bad acne, which was in 7th? grade. My dermatologist didn't tell me how to correctly apply it, or maybe he did and I wasn't listening lol. But being small and stupid and my mom knowing nothing about skin care products, I slapped it on my face like lotion. Every night. My face became super red, peeled off in sheets and badly burned constantly. But still I applied it every night. I remember bringing a wet washcloth with me everywhere, and splashing my face in the school restroom multiple times a day. But I was a trooper and stuck through it all. Looking at my 8th grade super-sized school pictures, my skin was aaaaaaamazing. It looked like a baby's bottom - with no trace of having bad acne. I stopped Tazorac use and that skin lasted for about a year.

Then came 9th grade and the worse skin of my life. I started using Ziana (with antibiotics) for awhile. It kept my severe acne at mild but I was never completely satisfied. Around 11th grade came Retin-A. It took about a year for my skin to be okay looking on it. I continued to use it and then came pitted scarring. I stopped using it.

I'm now on Tazorac again, which I should've kept using in the first place. Regardless of my past retinoid uses, I had a pretty bad initial breakout. I'm done purging now, but I still have the red marks. They're fading though. My skin is either dry or super oily on it. So after 3 months, my skin has still not completely adjusted. It's plumped my skin up a bit and made the pitted scarring from Retin-A less noticeable. But it hasn't really done anything dramatically postivie to my skin yet; I'm still waiting for it...

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