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I have been following this forum for a long time. I came because a couple of months ago (maybe more), my forehead broke out uncontrollably. There were hundreds of small pimples all over that NEVER went away. Now, I've always had clear skin and used neutrogena oil-free acne wash religously since i was 14 (I'm 20 now).

Anyway, all of a sudden these pimples surfaced and wouldn't go away. People used to tell me it was stress from school b/c i'm a medial student so i would just accept that. But then they kept getting worse and worse. Whenever some would go away, more would keep coming to replace them. Then my mom said it was the chocolate I was eating and addicted to (I ate them while I studied). I told her that you can't get pimples from chocolate. Besides, I was eating more chocolate before and my skin was always clear. But then, as they got worse, I decided that I could be just allergic to the chocolate, so i stopped eating them. But, they still got worse. :wall: (gave up my favorite snack for nothing)

I came to this site for help and read the looooong thread about blotcha's regimen and was convinced that this would help me. I used it religiously for months, and to my dismay, it NEVER worked. In fact, they were not only getting worse, they were spreading down my face. I even got pimples in my eyebrows. Who gets pimples in their eyebrows???!! :wall:

So this week, I was at my lowest point. sad.gif People kept commenting on my face and I felt so ugly. I felt that everyone was looking at my pimples and not me as a person. I would even point them out myself before people would say it first. I knew I had to change what I was doing so I went to the store with my little sister (who has great skin using the neutrogena). I was tempted to buy the neutrogena again, but I didn't. I decided to buy L'oreal's Pure Zone Step 1: Deep Action Creme Cleanser. It says on the tube "Deep Cleans to Clear & Prevent Breakouts." I desperately wanted this to work.

I have been using this cleanser for about 3 days now and it has done what the others could not do for months!!!!! My pimples are actually getting smaller and my skin is sooooo smooth. I can't believe it. What's even better is that it's oil-free, but doesn't dry out your skin the way the Neutrogena does!!! I just wash my face in the morning and go about my day. For the first time in my life, I don't even need a moisturizer. My compexion is evening out too. It's sooo perfect. :dance:

I'm not saying that this is a miracle product and will work for everyone, but it did answer my prayers so I had to tell people of what it has done for me. :clap:

Hopefully, this keeps working and doesn't end up disappointing me like the countless other facial cleansers I tried recently. Anyway, I'll keep you guys posted on the progress-- and hopefully my road to beautiful clear skin. biggrin.gif

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I totally agree with you!! Pure Zone's products are the best!. The facial cleansers, moisturizers everything is great! Loooove Pure Zone!!

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i think it uses more of salicyclic acid than benzoyl peroxide. it didn't do a thing for me tho. good to hear that it helped u.

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