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Jason's Esther(vitamin) C Creme

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Well I was in GNC and the guy recommended it more than regular vitamin c lotion. He said that the Esther C is better absorbed and is better for facial skin to help even out skin tone. Anyone ever tried this or any other vitamin C based lotions for hyperpigmentation?

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Here's some information on Vitamin C that might be helpful to you:

"vitamin C. Considered a potent antioxidant for skin (Sources: Journal of Investigative Dermatology, February 2002, pages 372–379, and June 2001, pages 853–859; and Toxicology in Vitro, August-October 2001, pages 357–362). Claims that vitamin C can prevent or eliminate wrinkling are not proven. An article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (January 2000, pages 464–465) discussed the issue of vitamin C and concluded that “Vitamin C is a valuable antioxidant and protectant against photodamage that is created by sunlight in both the UVB and UVA bands…. Although oral supplementation may also be useful, topical preparations are able to deliver a higher dosage to the needed area. Topical vitamin C does not absorb or block harmful ultraviolet radiation like a sunscreen. Instead, it augments the skin’s ability to neutralize reactive oxygen singlets [free-radical damage] that are created by the ultraviolet radiation, thereby preventing photodamage to the skin. It becomes an integral part of the skin and remains unaffected by bathing, exercise, clothing, or makeup. Used appropriately, topical vitamin C is an important adjunct to the use of sunscreens, an adjunctive treatment to lessen erythema [redness] in skin resurfacing, a helpful adjunct or an alternative to Retin-A in the treatment of fine wrinkles, and a stimulant to wound healing.�" - from cosmeticscop.com

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