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Just started Accutane today.

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Dashooter, how about starting an accutane log of yours in the other forum (Personal Regimen Logs) - lots of people have done this, and it's a good way to keep us informed and ask any questions. smile.gif

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You shouldn't be feeling any side effects from Accutane yet - I didn't start seeing them until about the 2nd week. Good luck and hope it works for you!

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I think Im taking 80 mg a day, one in the morning and one at night. My weight and height is 6'2 200lbs if that makes any difference.

I think I might just do that. Cool idea.

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You're feeling side-effects the DAY you started Accutane? Sounds very awkward. I personally think it's either "in your head" or you have an allergic reaction to the drug (which would be incredibly rare).

The first month I read a bunch of horror stories regarding Accutane. I dwelled on the idea of being unhealthy and never becoming clear. I decided to stop reading acne message boards and move on with my life. I clearly remember being where you guys are today, don't sweat it! Move on with your life and have yourself a good time. Time flies as long as you're not counting the days!

One thing that helped me out was saving the little boxes that the Accutane pills come in. Whenever I was feeling down I went to go look at my stash of Accutane boxes and see how far i've come.

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