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Hitting a plateau with the Regimen? Can't get fully clear?

I'm about 12 weeks into the Regimen and I cant get fully clear skin yet. Even worse, if I miss an application one or two days in a row (doing it once a day) my skin breaks out in red pimples that take another 3 days to clear up. It's like I break out worse than when I wasn't on the regimen.

I'm still using basic DKR cleaner, BP, and moisturizer. My acne consists of lots of non-inflamed, tiny whiteheads that seem to develop deeper in my skin and make my skin look rough/bumpy, sometimes they eventually come to the surface.

What should I do? My skin doesn't get red or burn so I can handle new product, I'm just a little hesitant. I was thinking of loading up on Vitamin B5. Any suggestions?

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If your skin can handle it, how about applying BP twice a day, morning and evening? Another trick you can try is to drink lots of water. By lots, I mean three litres of more, each day.

No comment on vitamin B5. Didn't use it myself, never needed it. BP does the trick, it just requires patience and discipline. I'm around 7th or 8th month, and I can skip using BP for almost a week or two before the acne starts to creep back. A single application at the evening and my face is immediately better in the morning.

It was a rough road getting here though. Redness, irritation, sunken-in look in eyes.. Glad I persevered.

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The fact that you say you're missing applications could be the reason you've been breaking out. Your skin needs to get on a routine. I find that if I constantly change how I'm doing the regimen, or how often, my face thanks me by breaking out. I feel like our skin, on a whole, loves routine. Your skin probably got used to being slathered with BP twice a day, and by missing a couple of applications, you kind of messed up the regularity your skin was getting used to.

I've over 4 years using the regimen, and I do it religiously twice a day. If I miss an application (which is rare..maybe 5 times a year..if that), I get annoyed that I missed an application. I don't know exactly how many applications you missed, but the fact that you're only 3 months in and already missing applications tells me you have to really start sticking to the routine of doing the regimen twice a day.

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