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accutane & depression?

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does anyone else out there on accutane experience depression and severe mood swings from it? I've been on it for 4 months, and I swear i'm not imagining it...I do feel pretty down alot of the time, but the worst part is the mood swings...i'll go from feeling wonderful to breaking down and crying from the smallest little thing...sometimes i just feel so down and out i wonder what the point of anything is and I feel like i'm going crazy...God, I can't wait till i'm finished with this drug!!!! Only 1month left, and atleast my skin is clear...like i'm gonna tell my derm how i'm feeling, cuz i really want to finish my course and have my acne gone forever! I just hope this depression finishes with the accutane. Does anyonme else out there on accutane expereicne depression and/or mood swings?

down n' out in Toronto,


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Hi May,

You are not alone! I had very severe depression on Accutane- wouldn't get out of bed for days, mood swings, etc. Eventually I ended my course of drugs early. Just know that this is the drug and not you. Once you are off the Accutane you will go back to being yourself. Just make sure you surround yourself with people who love you and know what you are going through and definately tell your doctor.

All the best!


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Thanks Fiona, it's nice to know that others went through something similiar, so i'm really not going nuts...

I can't wait until one month and i'm finished. These mood swings are definetely holding me back. I'm in uni and my courses have suffered b/c alot of times i just can't bring myself to do much of anything! But I didn't want to tell my derm b/c I was so terrified that he would take me off of it. Besides that, I do know that it is caused by the accutane, so atleast i know that i will (hopefully) finish when the accutane does.

Thanks again,


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