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Back pains :(

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Im on accutane 30mg ect ect unfortunatly i was plagued with muscle pains i work as joiner and my work involves constantly bending down and crouching down and the pain from my back and legs is becoming quite a problem im finding myself more exhausted each day but i really dont want to stop accutane is there anything i could do :(?

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try Omega 3 for a few weeks and see if that helps or Glucosamine, if they dont seem to help then advil when you work for your pains, if it gets really bad you should let your derm know about it

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Try fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin. Fish oil helps lubricate the joints and glucosamine/chondroitin minimizes joint pain. I have been using both (I started Accutane 9/1) and have had very little back pain. When I did start, around day 3 the pain was really bad (pretty early on, too). Then I started taking the supplements and it has helped greatly. I know that Trader Joe's has a good glucosamine/chondroitin supplement so you might want to check that out.

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Hi all

Just be vary about Accutane side effects. Sometimes joint pains don't go away post treatment, and sometimes it even starts and worsens post treatment. If it is getting real bothersome i'd suggest you seriously weigh up the risks -ensure you fully research before making a decision whether to continue treatment or not. some people are still experiencing this side effect years down the track... most have posted in the negative Accutane thread for reference. With Accutane it's always better to listen to your body and instincts... and watch for the red flags.

Best, Shantelle

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I wouldn't really take the risk and consider stopping and starting to detox if you are experiencing pain like this.

In my opinion I would really suggest looking into a raw food diet of fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds and perhaps detoxing with milk thistle, chlorella and spirullina and green barley grass. Perhaps cut back on any toxins like caffeines, alcohol and lessen your meats, eggs, milk etc.

It's just my opinion. I hope everything works out ok with what you decide.

Best wishes.

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