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regimen scam?

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Personally, I think the OP is a troll, but I want to reply anyway for all the other forum members who took the time to post here. I have had adult acne for years, and found initial great success with Proactiv when it first came out. Over the years, they changed their formula and something in it did not agree with my skin. So I ditched Proactive and tried a hundred other things, then recently went back to Proactiv thinking maybe the problem wasn't the BP, but rather my shampoo, diet etc. Nope, Proactive resulted in major cystic acne, and it happened pretty fast! They must have put some crap ingredient into their BP cream that my skin hates.

So I reluctantly tried Dan's regimen and I must say it's working for me just like the original Proactive used to. My skin looks better than it has in years. His products include the things you need, and nothing extra. For me, this is the key. All 3 products are fab and I'm currently only using 1/2 pump twice a day (same amount as I used with Proactiv) and it's working great. Not everyone can handle (or needs) the full amount. If I need to, I can increase, but as long as the current amount is working I'll stick with it. I suffer no discomfort from this amount of BP and Dan's new moisturizer is the best I've ever used! I've ordered the AHA too and look forward to trying it.

Even if Dan's regime only helps a small percentage of acne sufferers, that's potentially thousands of people, and I hope to stay among the success stories!

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You are 100% right, it's a low-key scam. People will have to learn "the hard way" which they will later find out this acne regimen doesn't work long term, it's honestly mostly placebo effects. This guy makes a ton of money selling bogus products which doesn't work, the best treatment for acne is to leave your face alone and never touch it... putting stuff on your face just aggravates your skin further and the cycle continues over and over again, it's sad this guy is preying on vulnerable people who are desperate.. I used to be one of those people. If you have acne, just stop all treatments and do nothing, wash your face with water in the shower, and simply watch your diet and eat only low glycemic index meals. That's it. It will take at least 6 months to a year to recover from this regimen which puts a lot of stress on your face and body.

BTW having an FDA approval label means nothing, the FDA has been involved in tons of misconduct over the decades. Ppl should stop getting advice from random ppl on the internet and listen to your dermatology or doctor.

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On 9/6/2010 at 5:03 PM, dragon1 said:

Cant help but wonder if this "regimen" is not just a scam for the owner of this website to cash in on?


Sure, he has pages and pages on "success stories"...that all sound extremely generic.


If it meant I could make a lot of money by writing one or two fake 'success stories' a day, then why wouldnt I? Could it be possible that all these stories are forged in order to sell all the regimen products?


He seems very intent on not pushing his products off on you, he more or less just makes them available to you at a low price. ...I'd like to trust him and trust that he isnt taking advantage of millions of people suffering from acne...but at the end of the day this guy is running a business and he wants you to buy his stuff.


I've tried the regimen for months and of course, it did not work. If anything, my skin just got worse. I followed all the steps perfectly so i am confident that there was no human error.


Stop and think logically for a second before you consider the regiment: This guy is not a doctor, he is running a business, and there is NO CURE FOR ACNE...sad but true.


Everyone struggling with acne (me included): stay strong and hopefully we'll all outgrow it soon!



As someone who's been on the regimen for years and just have been off for two months and am SO HAPPY i got off the regimen:

yes. I believe it's a scam. Your skin should not be stripped of its natural oils, have a bomb dropped onto it to deplete you of its own oils and bacteria, then supplement that dryness with a moisturizer that doesn't fix the depleted healthy bacteria you just lost. In the end your skin isn't your own skin; the regimen makes your skin dependent of it as a result. It's a viscious cycle. What I did: 

Fixed my diet, cut out dairy refined sugar, bread, and seed oils; got more sleep, drank more water; relaxed more. Then for skincare:

just use a gentle pH balanced cleanser, or micellar water, or an oil cleanser, and then finish it off with a nice oil --- I reccomend rosehip or jojoba! Jojoba does wonders to repair a broken skin barrier and will help your skin balance its oil production as a result. 



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