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Dave sHrew

I've just seen a really good doctor

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Hi, male 27 from the UK here.

Bit of background. Suffered from acne for approx 10 years. Had it quite bad when I was 16-18 and was prescribed Accutane from a dermatologist on the NHS. So I know what it does and I know how I reacted to it. That cleared me up for about 3 years and I was really happy with my skin. From then on I have faced a constant battle trying to keep my acne under control. All the prescription medications, creams, gels, diets, Dan's regime etc. Although I had some success with the regime, nothing has really worked 100%.

My acne would not be considered severe by most people. However, having my apearance /acne constantly on my mind and waking up each morning to check new spots (non-stop for about 8 years) is severe in my opinion. I normally have at least 1 large cyst on my face at any one time along with normal acne and blackheads everywhere.

I went back to the doctor today and I was prepared to start begging to refer me to a dermatologist again.

I told him the above story and he basically said 'would you like to go on to Accutane again?' I said 'YES PLEASE' and that was that, I'm being referred. I couldn't believe how simple it was. He warned me that the derm wouldn't exactly be going head over heals to prescribe me accutane but you can usually come to an agreement.

I know that doctors can sometimes get a bit of negative press (including from myself) on here so I thought I'd post about a good one. He was so understanding and sympathetic.

Out of interest, is there anyone else from the UK who has been in a similar situation? I don't want to get to my appointment (probably in 3months time with NHS waiting lists) and have an unsympathetic derm refuse to prescribe Accutane? .. Because then I'd be back to square one.

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I don't no much about UK healthcare system, but I wish you luck in getting your accutane. But you got to give doctor's credit, a lot of people here give them a bad rep because they believe they don't know much about acne or skin care, therefore the negative attitude spreads quickly. The truth is that most, if not all, qualified doctors know SO much more than you think about all problems related to our bodies, including acne and skincare. Trust me I'm in the process of becoming one right now :D

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