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Very slow shipment

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How long does the bp gel take to arrive in Canada? I ordered it like 12 days ago, and it's still not here.

I sent an email to Dan about this, and I never got a reply.

Does anyone in Canada know how long it took?

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I`m in montreal, and the first time it took 13 days to reach me. I was worried at first, but I have a business where I have to go the Post almost everyday, and last week they told me that customs has been making more stoppages on packages at the border, security inspections and all. I think that might be why. So, it`s probably delayed cuz of terror alerts.

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I reply to all emails that I receive, so I must not have received yours for some reason.

As I state on the site, please allow 7-14 working days for International orders.



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I just replied your email.

I check my mail box, and it's not in. It's been 3 weeks now....sigh

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Ano, what part of Canada are you in? I just ask because I'm in Ontario and I just ordered some of the bp gel a few days ago... Sometimes it takes a while for things from the states to make it up here though. Many things I have ordered from the internet took four weeks or more, so don't be too discouraged if it isn't there by three weeks. smile.gif

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I live in BC. I order from the Internet, too, but they only took 2 weeks maximum....not this long....

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I just received the packacge today (took about 3 weeks).

Wow, this isn't cheap. I had to pay CDN $9.00 for tax.

Over $12.00 for shipment + $9.00? Extra ones cost as much as the price of the product itself.

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