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tint moist / liquid foundations in pump containers

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Why do tinted moisturizers / liquid foundations not come is a simple jar or something? I see a lot that come it skinny glass bottles or semi jars with pumps. i still have 25-50% of the product but nothing comes out of the pump or i have to pump 20 times. so now i gotta scoop some out with a toothpick or cotton swab since my finger doesn't fit in the bottle. another thing to deal with. seriously this whole pump idea has got to be the worst product design in this aspect.

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That's why they designed it like that, so that you run out quicker and have to buy more :]

Mine is the same - Loreal Infallible. That comes in a pump too. Although strangely, I got it last Christmas and still haven't run out.

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I'm the opposite. I hate trying to get foundation out without a pump because it gets messy and wasteful. I know you can buy Revlon Colorstay in a glass bottle with no pump mechanism, just a screw on lid. But why not just buy a new one when it runs out instead of trying to dig out the small amount of product left in the bottle? Foundation isn't expensive, haha. Or you could opt for a pressed/mousse foundation if you feel the need to use every last molecule of product in the pan :P

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I prefer pumps as well. They have two advanatges for me:

1) Same amount pumped out every time. I know how much I'm using. I don't spill all over and waste a bunch

2) it's way more sanitary. Bacteria can't get in the same way as when you stick your finger in a jar. For makeup to last, it needs to be a sterile as possible. This is also helpful if you have a make-up that oxidizes to work. It wouldn't work if you left it open.

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