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Boxcar scars....Punch ,laser or dermabrasion??

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Reading about this punch elevation? Is this a solid procedure? or can it lead to worse looking skin?? Smoothbeam? Ive done two dermabrasions a few years ago and it didnt help too much for my pock marks...any help here? Thanks.

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Clint, Who did your dermabrasions? How didn't it help? When you say "pock marks," do you mean ice pick scars or? Did it help elevate your boxcars? How about your shallow scars, if you had any?

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well...I mean...I guess it helped some....but they are still quite noticeable...its like the holes are still deep( 3 marks near each other on my right cheek)...I cant determine whether I have deep or shallow acne scars as it is....its been so long since my last derm that I dont know anymore...but they are still there....maybe a LITTLE elevated...I have no ice picks...it seems the punch methods are the way to go....who knows....alot of this stuff is frustrating on using the right methods...most people seem to be dissapointed with their chosen methods....

DOES ANYONE...like the punch method? punch elevation? is there a big risk involved?

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