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Food Intolerance test

ie found this and im really interested anyone got anymore info or got it done? can i get it done from the nhs im from the uk?also are there diff kinds? im new to this and ie just read about it opinions are welcome

Acne symptoms can be linked to food intolerance

The problem with attempting any dietary modification is that first you need to know what to change. Currently the best accepted method for confirming food sensitivities is by elimination diet. This involves eating a restricted diet for several weeks. If there is no reduction in the frequency or intensity of the attacks during this time, it is assumed that the food type that has been restricted is not the problem and the process is repeated with another food type. This method is very time consuming, and because it is impossible to test all the different combinations of food types that may be causing the problems, it is a very ineffective process.

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i had a intolerance test done for 99 pounds am starting diet tomarrow I live in the uk If you want to know anything just email me

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I would LOVE to get of these done, it would make my life so much easier, right now Im finding out which foods are bad for me by random potluck I guess, a food intolerance test would help me out big time.

But they are soooooo expensive I wish I could afford it.

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