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Ok, I have been on and off Dianette since I was about 16. I am now approaching 35 and my Doc says I need to stop taking it because of my age.

When I am on Dianette, I have clear skin. When I am off it, the upper half of my body but especially my face are covered in huge cysts and nodules. If one comes up on my forehead for example, about half of my forehead swells up.

So I have been reading the info with the Dianette and it mentions androgens, this may be my problem. When I am off it (apart from following the regimen) what can I do?

Any other ideas?

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Awe, I feel really bad for you, cyst are really painful and a huge annoyance. I'm a guy but I read about Diane because I was curious of how it works, it's interesting. I thought Diane treated women who had an imbalance of estrogen vs testosterone. So maybe talking to your doctor about getting yourself on estrogen would help? I don't know, just a guess. Good luck with everything

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Thanks for the reply :angel: I will definitely see my GP soon, I'm not sure if he will be able to do anything by way or hormones as we intend to try for another baby soon. Who would have thought I'd be dealing with this shit at 34?

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