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Well I found that the key is not to forget it but to accept it. You have to learn to love yourself, acne and all. Try looking in the mirror and repeat, "even though I have acne, I still love myself" until you feel better or get tired of talking :lol:.

Force yourself to get out there and do things you like to. Hang with friends whenever you can too. You'll feel so much better about yourself if you do. And in the mean time, you can still look for cures, just don't obsess over it.

BTW, have you been to a dermatologist yet? They will do what they can to try and clear you up. I'm on Accutane now after little success with anything else.

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You need to go out. When you are down and hiding away go out. You need a routine. I have been dealing with flushing as well and for me I found keeping my mind preoccupied I flush much less. And forcing yourself outside eventually relieves stress because it becomes easier to go out. Don't sit and stew. You don't really forget, you just learn to function anyhow and at some point it matters much less to you.

And if your flushing is bad maybe see a derm for antibiotics or metrogel?

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I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. It's hard, I know. I have days where I just mope around the house like a hermit and don't talk to anyone or do anything. Those days scare me because I'm usually quite a social and outgoing person. Like you, I have days where I wish I could turn back time and live like I used to, but I always remind myself that there's no use wasting brain-power on something that is impossible. When I start feeling depressed or angry I like to occupy my mind by doing something out of the house. Fresh air really does do wonders. For example, today I went for a drive. I didn't know where I was going, I just drove. I drove for about 45 minutes, had something to eat at a nice little cafe at a vineyard, then drove home. It only took about 2 1/2 hours but really cleared my head. Or sometimes I take the dogs for a walk or go for a jog. Sometimes I walk down to the beach and just chill out on the sand thinking about things. Thinking about acne, even. Like CursedSoul said, there's no use trying to erase acne from your mind because it is a part of you, there's no escaping it. You need to accept that and just live life.

I used to be a vain bitch before I got acne. I often called a boy in my highschool maths class 'pizza face' because he had bad acne. My friends and I thought it was hilarious at the time, but I feel wretched now. If I knew his name I would probably look him up on Facebook and apologise, but that's not the point. The point is, although acne has changed me for the worse on the outside, it has changed me for the better on the inside. It's given me a new perspective in life.

You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself or jealous of others because you've done nothing wrong. You're not a freak or a monster and don't let anyone (that includes yourself!) convince you that you are.

<3 Magdalena

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