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Deja Vu

my acne, oily over sensitive skin condition

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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I guess I can drop a post on this box.

I know this post is long but please read and help me! :surprised:

Here my skin problem. I start acne when I turn 13, I had tiny white bump all over the face, then at 14 they disappear!. When I turn 15 and move to crowded city. I start breaking out with serious acne, I have cystic acne every 2 or 3 days within a week and some tiny bumps on some area of my face (can tap water have something to do with it?) I usually don't use tap water when I was a kid (or could this be hormonal changes) or (genetic? most of member in my family have severe acne when they were younger). I notice I also have some kind of clogged pore on my head. I have these condition since.

Until I turn 18, it's getting so bad I have to fight cystic ance everyday. My nose starts to have blackhead and I always try to squeeze it and over time it gets bigger and bigger. Then I start to use cleanser, and acne treatment, toner, many chemical stuff that my skin can't handle it.

Now I'm 19 cystic acne stop and maybe once a week, oil on my face increasing high, and my face is extremely sensitive. I now have clogged pored all over my forehead, cheeks, chin. This were mild when I still have cystic acne. After I use different vitamin for acne, and my facial oil production 30% decrease, now clogged pore( non-inflamed acne) take over and it's getting worse and worse by day. And some of it is unclogged blackhead that result of post clogged pored where I squeeze them out and I see solid form of mixture of oil, dead skin, then after that is blood and some kind yellow liquid form, and this liquid form is filling the new unclogged pored and they dry out and that what (unclogged blackhead is). Some of the pore will heal, but they will leave a crater on the surface of my skin, and how deep it is depend of how severe the condition is, but some of them never seem go away. I squeeze them out they refill, just like my nose pore, I squeeze out sebum and they refill the next day or two.

So I need help from you guys here how to treat this type of acne condition. My skin is currently damaged and look horrible. I'm only 19 and I have a life ahead and I'm scared. I don't know what acne condition will come next :(. I need take right treatment now. Please help me!

Here a short summary of my skin condition and possible cause. Please evaluate, and help me find out the root cause.

*Years 13-14: mild white bumps all over face, then go away (use clean water, eat fresh and healthy food, active lifestyle)

*15-18: mild cystic acne to severe cystic acne, some clogged pore, some mild blackhead, and whitehead, face kind of oil, scarring most part of the face ( use tap water, eat fresh and frozen food, fast food, active lifestyle)

*19: scar all over face but some have healed, some cystic acne, mostly of clogged pore, and partly clogged pore with visible dried oil stick out of the widened pore (use tap water, eat fresh and frozen food, inactive lifestyle)

Possible cause: hormonal changes, family genetic, over reproduction of oil on the face, excessive facial skin reproduction,liver is not filter toxin so well, excessive picking of the face, food allergy (this one hard to detect).

All of the above cause is causing it. I don't know which of causing it the most. Please take a look at my skin condition over the years and evaluate best possible cause, and please give me some product recommendation that would help my skin condition. I need help from all of you guys.

Thank you all and I'm looking forward for all of your reply. I can't wait for this!

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your young so its hormnoal...i would start with supplements to control oil production...saw palmetto is one...zinc also controls inflamation. I'm female so i take sprionolactone but i dont think its possible if your male. Mandelic acid by garden of wisdom can help keep the pores from refilling. I'm currently using the mandelic 15% but it is VERY potent stuff. Once use it every other day, even every two days. check out their website

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I have used Zinc, and it reduces oil 30%, but doesn't seem to stop it. saw palmetto, I think I'll do some research and try it out. Mandelic acid, I heard about it a lot, I definetely try that out. Salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide is killing me, my skin fight and heal acne better than these thing add to my skin. Is there any magical thing out there can stop oil, and promoting healing, and prevent bacteria before they penetrate in the skin? Is there any preventive measure that any of you guys here have?

Please help!

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Your skin sounds very fragile you dont want to use too many harsh ingredients & do not scrub.

Have you tried anti biotics? I would recomment tetracycline - these were the only ones which worked for me and worked well for a year or a year and a half.

Be careful with topicals & choose weaker strengths as they tend to work better as you can use more but with much less irritation.

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