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Small pimple leaving a scar?

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Hello I suffer of bad acne in my chest but I always have some pimples in my face.

In my face I have 3 scars, they are round and not very deep. They are those scars that when you look them from close distance you really can´t realise which is the part that is the scar and which part healthy tissue.

But these scars were left after cysts that even before leaving a scar I knew they were going to do so because they were really huge.

But lost Monday a pimple appeared in my face. Really ordinary, non threatening and small. I think that I squeezed it a little and that was all. I didn´t even notice it during the week and on last Friday, 4 days after the pimple was born I realize that were I had the pimple (there was a little crust/scab left from the pimple) the skin was slightly depressed. A scar like the others I have but smaller.

Is possible to an ordinary, small pimple to leave a scar?

I´m pretty sure that I didn´t have it previously and also the crust left from the pimple matched the scarring area.

Any ideas?


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happened to me too unfortunately. Usually get's better with time...keep your skin as clear as you can and your acne away by being on a regimen which works for you.

For me I basically took dan's regimen and do something more personalized but with cetaphil and tazorac and occasional spot BP treatments instead of just bp cream..

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Guest Timehealsall

Did you pop the pimple?

I have these 2 small pimples on the tip of my nose, but i havent really squeezed or picked at them. The only thing that i have done is when my nose gets flaky, i just use jojoba oil to gently rub off the flakes with my fingers. Could this maybe cause the pimples to scar? Should i stop touching these pimples, even when i use a cleanser? How about towel drying my nose when its wet? Any ideas?

Also, i sometimes might have accidently rubbed these pimples on my nose when blowing my nose with a tissue paper.

My question is, can this cause scarring? My nose does not seem to scar from the pimples i had in the past, but these pimples i have on the tip of my nose, ive had for about 3 weeks now.

Also, regarding your scabs, how did those pimples scab up? Did you pop them? Most pimples dont randomly scab in my experience.

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