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philly #1

Survey for males who have or had acne

Any Hair loss??  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. Any Hair loss??

    • No hair loss, or at least no reconizable hair loss.
    • Some hair loss but not overwhelming
    • Overwhelming Hair loss with severe thinning, visible scalp

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Must be at least 28 to participate. I want to see if acne and premature hair loss is linked. I have read numerous articles on this subject.

SO if you are at least 28, preferably 30 and had acne as a teenager or now as a adult ,list the state of your hair. YOu can specific if you would like. Specific replys are suggested.

Or you can pick from these 3 choices.

1) I have all my hair or at least most of my hair and is not really reconizable.

2) I have noticable hair loss but not overwhelming hair loss. This would be if you have receding hair line but you still have thick hair and no bald spot in the back.

3) And last would be if you have considerable hair loss. Very thin with scalp visible on the top of the head.

Please REply!!!

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I'm only 24 so I didnt reply to the poll but I'd thought I'd post here because I am going bald in addition to having acne. Both started happening at the same time. Around when I turned 20 I started to lose my hair and get mild acne. At 24 my acne got a lot worse and my hair is continuing to fall out. I started shaving my head over a year ago so I honestly don't even know how bald I am at this point. I also have a lot of body hair. I definatley think all 3 are related. My hormones are just fucked.

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Long, you stated you have good hair. Did you have oily skin when you had the acne?

I ask, because androgen hormone is what stimulates the sebacious gland, thus causing sebum production and the oily skin. Androgenic Hormones are one of the components that causes male premature hair-loss, the same thing that causes increased oily production.

I have heard that males that go bald early had or have oily skin, so this may be related.

All people who have oily skin dont have acne, and just becuase you have dry skin doesn't mean you have no acne. I think people relate oily face to acne. I am not sure if the following statements are entirely true, because i do think people who have increased oil-production have a better chance at having acne. It's very complicated. Then, i know people who went bald early loosing their hair in their 20's and they never had acne as a teen, so it's hard to link everything.

So Long, did you have dry skin?? How old are you?? you have not lost any of your hair? What side of the family had the acne history, and what side do you have the good hair gene?

The thing i was thinking was maybe if your father and or male family member had acne, then you would have a better chance of getting hair loss than if the history was your mother and or female family member. To explain, the reason why you had acne might be more similar because of the same sex, the reasons can be different for a woman. She's has female hormones that could cause acne, also when a women has her period, they tend to break out.

Now if your father had acne and a full head of hair, then this argument would be defeated.

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Sorry24withacne, i had to put the age at 30.

I felt this would be a good indicator whether you are going to go bald and have bad hair or keep your hair.

24 is just too young, at least when you get to 30, if you have all of your hair, then this is at least a good sign that you are not going to be completely bold by around 50. You may be thinning in your 40's and then very thin with a bald spot into your 50's and 60's but you still have enough hair to comb.

The type of hair loss i am talking about is when you start to loose your hair at around 20 and by 30, you are almost completely bold. I know many people, and this condition is rare. I know like 1 or 2 out of hundreds of people.

Man, that sucks, i'll be praying for you. I am 19 and have had mild-moderate acne since 14, i do have oily skin. I am scared sh*tless, i am going to go bold on top of everything. Well, it's not worrying about something that might never happen, that's at least what my parents and friends tell me. I am a worrier.

If i can give any valueable info. to any late teens-early 20's here, have a good time with friends, have a nice time with the girls, and HAVE SEX, just make sure you wear the rubber.

I think people have the mentality to shut down when they have acne as a teen, they rationalize to themselves to stay in their house and become anti-social because its not worth the torment from the fellow peers. What i realized, for the most part if they are your friends, they are not going to care if you have acne. it ends up bothering you more than them. Generally, people are good in nature. People say to themselves " Well, i will wait these hormonal teenage years through hoping that eventually when i get to around 20, my hormones will calm down and move on with my life". Well, im here to tell you its not worth it, it will mess you up mentally.

Then, when your acne finally clears, you start loosing your hair. SO now, you are a going bald acne scarred man, doesnt sound so good.

My advice live every day to the fullest, because tomorrow can be worse than today, even if you thought today was horrible. Damn i just made that statement up, i should get this trademarked LOL

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I have had chronically oily skin since I was around 12yr. old.

I had to battle acne all the way into my forties, I'm 48 now.

I've had some receding of my hairline but only slightly.

My dad had some acne but i'm not sure about my mom.

My dad and my mom's dad both had full hair their whole lives.

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Yeah, I had pretty bad acne but no hair loss. However, my skin is not oily everywhere. I think I have what they call "combination" skin...with dry places and oily places. For whatever it's worth.

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Well, Long both sides of your family had good hair, that's probably why you kept your hair.

48 with slight recession on the sides is pretty good! biggrin.gif

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