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New here ... need some advice and answers

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Hey Everyone,

I had acne from the age of about 14-16 or 17 and then it just stopped. For the last 7 years, all I have done is washed my face twice a day with Cetaphil usually with cold water and haven't had any problems with acne ... just the ocassional pimple every 2 months or so. However, recently I am pursuing a career in the entertainment industry ... and though my skin was pretty much clear, it still had a few tiny bumps (not pimples) and large pores ... which was enough for me to think that I might need to try something to get my skin flawless. I was up late and got suckered into trying Proactiv ... and I actually started to break out again ... though small in quantity, they were larger pimples than I was used to. I stayed on Proactiv for about a year just in hopes that things would eventually get better and that I would have perfectly smooth flawless skin ... then I looked at some pictures from over a year ago and realized I didn't really have problems with acne again until I started Proactiv. I started questioning what was causing me to break out ... the sunscreen I was using daily (Neutrogena Ultrasheer SPF45), any of the 3 steps of the Proactiv system, or diet, hormones, etc.

Finally I decided to come off of the Proactiv and stop using sunscreen altogether. I just hoped that if I washed twice daily with Cetaphil like I used to for the past 7 years that my skin would return to how it was before I started using any sort of toner, bp, or sunscreen. After 6-8 weeks of waiting and my acne staying the same or getting worse ... I decided maybe I needed to take action again. Maybe it's just coincidence that I started to break out again after I started using the Proactiv and it wasn't anything that I was using that was causing the breakout. So I have decided to start using the Regimen here, but I have a few questions.

1) If a sunscreen, moisturizer, or any other product is oil-free and non-comedegenic ... is it pretty much safe to use and not have to worry about it breaking you out?

2) My account is on hold with Proactiv ... so I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions about how the Proactiv BP (repairing lotion) compares with Dan's BP.

3) I'm mostly breaking out around the jaw line area ... someone once told me that adult acne usually is focused around this area. Acutally about 90% of my acne is around the jaw line ... does that mean anything?

Thanks in advance :lol:

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Greetings ClearMeNow!

In answer to your first question I would say an emphatic NO. Non-comodogenic has little meaning except as an advertising gimmick - like natural foods or home cooked canned dinners - you get my meaning? As for oil free - what that was originally intended to mean was no MINERAL OIL - which is a petrolatum product (dervied from petroleum). It's in a large majority of cosmetics and goes under a few different names. My skin will not tolerate it at all - body or face. But I have absolutely no problems with avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, almond oil, or apricot kernal oil - all of which are oils but natural ones. I use coconut oil on my face and hair without issue - but I do use it sparingly since my skin is a natural oil producer on it's own. No need to add to the oil spill...

I have never used Proactiv - though I've read some people on here use it and seem to like certain things from their regimen but not other things. Thus far, I've heard nothing but glowing accolades about Dan's BP lotion. As always, there are exceptions to every rule. What works for one, will create a catastrophe for another.

I also break out around my jawline and neck. Through my teenage years I had small breakouts (usually monthly) but rarely did I have enormous breakouts or cyst acne. Then around the time I turned 27 - I started having all kinds of issues. I couldn't get rid of one without 10 popping up and they were the acne lesions with cyst type acne that lasts for weeks and weeks. Mine is under control (to a point) but I don't look all dewy fresh and smooth skinned like an actress or model, either. The biggest help I had was getting my hormones in order with a natural hormone cream. It helped greatly (it was the first time I had gotten rid of the acne on my back since I was 12 - and I'm 35 now) but it hasn't been a cure all either.

Interestingly, I've found that a large portion of females seem to report that in their mid twenties to early thirties their skin went weird on them. Taking a poll of the 20 something women that I work with and several other female friends - almost all agreed that acne was worse later in life than as a teenager and almost ALL the women said that they broke out around their jaw lines, close to their mouth, and on their neck. I never, not once, broke out in that area until my skin fiasco at 27. Now, that has become the hot spot for my acne development. A hormone related thing? I don't know.

Hope this helps some - or at least will get you to digging for more useful information. Keep asking questions - someone might have the answer that works for you...good luck!

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