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blackheads on roaccutane?

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arghhh my nose used to be covered in blackheads... when i started on roaccutane (12th July) i very naughily squeezed them all out... these kept away and i just had quite large pores which i could handle.. then the other day they went all black and and gross just like i'd had them before. Now all my nose is rough and the blackheads are coming out in the forms of little grains of rice... whereas before they never came out unless i squeezed them and were all oily and gross :( im just wondering if this will be the last time they all come out.. or wether theyl 'fill up' again?

also how long does the ib period last? i didnt have a spot for about 4 weeks and the other day i got like 3 :( one was filled with white sebumy stuff and the other 2 were just flat red marks but definatly new

thankyou for any replys i know this was an essay lol

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I know exactly what you mean about the black heads! My chin is the same way and I want to squeeze them out soooo bad! My derm told me to leave them alone, they will come out themselves and shouldnt be back. Just gotta be patient.

How long have you been on accutane?

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ive been on since the 12th july so nearly 2 month :) its going well actually, i was sooo scared after reading things on here but no really bad side effects :)

how long have you been on?

haha i couldnt resist, they were annoying me but when id squeezed them out my nose was perfect (apart from the burn marks that seem to happen whenever i squeeze grr)

just wondering if anyone had had really dry flaky skin in their ears?? i havnt seen anything about it but mine are gross at the min

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