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`Nearly Flawless

Left school in the middle of the day..

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I been there and done that many of times last year. I would avoid the mirrors in the bathroom at school or anywhere but when i did mutter up the confidence to look i was mortify. I would wait until lunch time to leave though, i would call my 'rents and tell them i was feeling sick and need to come home ASAP! It took me a long time to overcome that but i have, i do still sometimes struggle with it. My motto is just fake it till you make it (confidence wise). I believe we will all "make it" just at our own pace. So keep your head held high! :)

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Happened to me many times, I was ready for school and once I got into the parking lot I looked in the car mirror and got soooo depressed instantly, I started crying and balling my eyes out, then just left school and went home because I felt so uncomfortable

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QUOTE (Ḻyssa @ Aug 23 2010, 08:53 AM)

Yeah, you're right. Because looking good takes you further in life

For some reason my sarcasm detector device is going crazy over this one?

I confess I'm a bit shallow redface.gif

a sarcasm detector? oh thats a REALLY useful invention, lol, sorry bud i just read your posts, honestly i skipped school all the time when i had really bad breakouts, so im not entirely against it but definitely dont make a habit of it, however ur first post definitely seems like ur body reacted badly to something, get that checked pronto to see if its controllable.

And theres nothing wrong with being shallow, imagine a world full of deep people, how dull!

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