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Digestion improving rapidly since cutting out grains & corn

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I finished up my first course of accutane about 2.5 months ago, but it only cleared my face up about 25%, so it's back to the diet approach...*sigh*. Anyway, my digestion has been poor for the last few years, and I've tried changing up my diet before. Cutting out soy, dairy, peanuts, and taking magnesium supplements are all things thing have helped slightly, but not gotten rid of the problem. I never really considered cutting out grains and corn before. I guess I associated that with the extreme health nuts lurking in the aisles of Whole Foods. I'm glad I finally decided to do it now though. It's only been 5 days and already my digestion is better than ever, I have more energy to exercise and just in general, and I'm not constantly bloated and burping after meals. I haven't broken out at all, and I can tell by the improvement of my blackheads/clogged pores that my sebum production is decreasing. Granted, it's probably a little too early to report these results and my skin is going to take a long time to heal since my acne is pretty bad, but even if my skin doesn't improve, it seems like I've still achieved a small victory healthwise with the digestion thing.

If you've tried cutting out grains and/or corn, what difference, if any, did it make for you?

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