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Question about tazorac

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Hey all,

So a quick history, I've been using tazorac for about 4 years now. Ive also been on minocycline for a while and also finished 4 months of accutane 2.5 months ago. And no I never used them all at once :) anyway my question is this: when I was finished accutane my doctor told me to use tazorac to prevent/manage any minor breakouts in the future. The only way I've ever used tazorac was to apply to pimples that already existed....is this the way to go or is it prudent to put a layer over your entire face to both stop and prevent future breakouts? It seems funny that I'm asking this now after having used the product for so long. It'd be kinda funny if it turns out I've been using it wrong all this time.

Thanks in advance

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Yeah, you're doing it wrong.

There are lots of great posts on this forum that explain how retinoids work, and why you need to stick with them to see real benefit - but essentially they are NOT spot treatments. They change the way your skin grows and develops, and prevents new blemishes from forming.

Use a tiny, pea sized amount in a thin layer all over your face. Be consistent, work your way up to using it daily - you may have to space out applications at first to avoid irritation.

Kthx gluck!

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