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Hello, nice to meet you all.

I'll spare you the long history of my acne problems, but I've had it for as long as I can remember and kept it mostly (but not completely) at bay with ProActiv. Then I decided that I wanted to find a cure and went off of ProActiv (which admittedly wasn't the smartest thing I've done), which showed me that I still have acne all over my face.

Anyway, recently I decided to try juice fasting just to see what would happen. Very surprisingly (because I've struggled with this since I hit puberty) my face 100% cleared. I mean literally 100%. I was sooo happy but...terrified that when I started eating again my acne would come back. I did a lot of research while I was fasting and tried to find any information I could related to acne, food, and digestion. I suspected that I had a gluten allergy, so when I started eating again, I ate only vegetables, rice, and meat. Literally. Plus some salt. That is IT. I had good results for about a week, then I started getting really tiny, almost microscopic pimples here and there. It wasn't a huge cause for alarm, but my skin is definitely not 100% clear now. It's 95% clear. I'm not complaining, but I want to know WHY. I'm still eating the same exact things - rice, vegetables, and meat.

Has anybody else had experience with such a thing occurring? Is it possible that my body merely needs to heal from the damage of consuming gluten before my skin will be continuously 100% clear? Is it possible that I also have leaky gut syndrome? I'm really at a loss now, because I live abroad (Tokyo) and it's impossible to find a doctor who has any idea what I'm talking about, let alone getting tested for things like leaky gut.

If anybody has any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :wall:

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Sounds like insulin resistance or something to do with your blood sugar.

By fasting, your keeping your blood sugar constantly stable, and there is much smaller rises in insulin compared to when you eat food. A stable blood sugar can help with balancing hormones, so its most likely the rice causing the small bumps.

What are you actually eating every day, with amounts in each meal. Also, drink plenty of water (2.5 - 3L a day), its helped me keep new forming spots to a minimum and makes me just plain feel cleaner.

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uncle buck: can you explain more about rice?

ben90: if that's the case, would eating sugar cause the condition to worsen? also, i eat twice a day, with about 200 calories white short grain rice, 200 calories meat, 200 calories veggies. (i'm dieting so i'm eating around 1200 per day). i generally switch the meats that i'm eating, beef/pork/chicken, and i eat a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrots, cabbage, etc.

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Most likely, sugar is half fructose and half sucrose and has nothing but bad effects on the body along with the highest GI.

Eating twice a day is better than eating smaller meals through out the day anyway, so its good your doing it. When you eat smaller meals say 6 times a day, thats 6 times a day your blood sugar rises, 2 big meals a day means only twice a day it rises, but you also have a larger portion of protein and fibre to slow down the rises, so its better for the most part and ensures a slower rise in blood sugar.

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I suggest that you eat brown rice instead of white rice, as it is much healthier. Also, I have heard that eating red meats often is bad for you and your skin, but if your going to eat them often, I recommend 'organic'. GL. :cool:

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healthier, but like 3 times as expensive here. white rice is subsidized by the government so it's much cheaper. but i'm thinking of replacing the rice altogether with sweet potatoes, because they're so delicious and healthier. i would like to just eat fish but actually fish is really expensive too, so mostly what i eat is chicken. also, organic food is not really an option, it's almost impossible to find at all, and when found is extremely expensive. i'm a struggling student :D

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