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Waiting.... how much longer can I take!?

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Up til about the beginning of the summer I had flawless skin. And after breaking out about as equally bad as I am now two summers ago, it took a lot to get it that way.

I don't know why I've broken out again so badly. I've tried to blame it on the medications I'm taking but I'm kind of stuck on still taking them because if I get off I'm afraid I'll breakdown.

I get really awful pigmentation too (well I fucking hope its pigmentation, if they scar I don't know what I'll do) so I'm so afraid when another one comes because I know its a good 6 months I'll be reminded of it before it fades.

I don't know why I'm so depressed about it. I'm thinking my medication isn't even working because I'm so horribly manic because of the situation, I'm thinking of stopping it.

The most irritating thing is that I have a dermotologist appointment that I made 2 weeks ago that isn't for another 3 weeks. I've been on Differin for the last 2 years but I really doubt it helped much. What am I supposed to do for 3 weeks? I hate waiting for this so much.

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I know that story all too well.

when they put me on Minocyclin, they said it'll be 4-6 weeks before you see improvement. All minocyclin did for me is cause alot of hyperpigmentation (i have darker skin), so I went from having little red dots to dark purple dots.

then they put me on doxycyclin (vibramycin), and said to wait another 6 weeks. By this time I was so fed up, knowing full well I was going to require accutane. fuck! it was going to be 6 weeks before we see that the doxycyclin isn't working, then another 2 weeks to get the accutane, then another 8 weeks before I'm supposed to see improvement.

the waiting game, how it sucks so much.. Curently I'm on week 10 of accutane and *still* waiting for this miracle drug to kick in

The only thing that got me thru the waiting game was thinking about how great my life would be in 8 months. I knew I'd have 8 months to prepare, and work on my personality, as well as make drastic improvements to my physical self.

What I did, knowing I had 6 months to kill before I could face the general population, was join the local gym, and gained some lbs to compliment my face when this is over....

i'm still waiting...

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my derm had put me on benzaclin and differin about a year ago because my face was a mess. He told me that ishould 8-10 weeks before seeing improvement. well in 8-10 weeks i saw little improvement. Everyday i told myself it'd heal with time.. but it never did.

then about 5 months ago i decided only to wash my face and take some supplements (b5, zinc, biotin) and to quit using differin. To my amazement i no longer conceived huge blemishes... only small ones.. this led me to believe differin and benzaclin were what caused them.

but it might have been just me.. it might not do the same for you.

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