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Going to be clear...

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I am so fed up.. I just want to be clear. Clear as in NO MORE pimples forming. My pimples takes in a form of a small blemish and then over a few weeks, will be quite red and then BAM.... it develops into a 'beautiful' pimple...

Right now I have 2 blemishes which are already red... So, I have to wait for another 3-4 weeks for the pimple to be completely flat and less red. Damn it!!! The rest of my red marks are just fading away slowly. But if I have to endure the development of pimple once in a while, my face will never be clear from red marks.... This is really a stupid experience.

I am grateful that my acne has subsided to be a mild one, but my expectations becomes higher and higher each day. I want to get rid of the red marks. I know there are a lot of methods but I fear that it will aggravate it more and more blemishes will form.

Sorry people, I am just losing steam here..Can anyone relate the same experience or am I the only one?? Thanks. doubt.gif

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ACV helps make them a biit more unnoticeable try using it a couple times. I'm the same thing, I don't even hate the pimples much just the red marks I think some of mine r due for fading away so we'll just see. good luck, experiment with different forms of the regimen for ur liking, take some stuff out, put some more stuff in. and always moisturize. you'll find ur cure and then u just gotta be consistent, thats key

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Oh thebluhope,

I am on Dan's regimen.My face improved a lot although the initial breakout made the people around me uncomfortable and thought that it would be the end of a clear face for me.

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