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Wow! What a relief...

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So... I've had acne and small blackheads since I was 13. I'm 17 now and I noticed ed this small whitehead on the side of my nose. Now, my nose always seemed redish, shiny and just plain, unclean... blackheads.. blah. So anyway, I took 2 pieces of tissue and wrapped them around my fingers... I pressed against the tip of my nose and one side of the nose (if you can imagine that... just one side of the nostril basically). What happened next was unbelievable. small fine lines of thick pus came out of EVERY pore in my nose. It was like tons of small volcanos erupting. What is this? There were no active pimples really.. just blackheads. Was that PUS coming out of blackheads? I repeated on the other side... same story. I bet theres still some in there despite me trying to get every last drop out of every pore.

My nose looks awesome now.. I want to know if there's an effective way to get this crap out of ALL the pores of my nose...?


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No, those aren't active pimples.. that's just oil buildup in the pores. I do that sometimes too, just to get all the gunk out.

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yea ive done that many a time, im now using a clean and clear blackhead remover on my nose, seems to be cleaning up nicely ^^

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