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first of all...id like to say that im new here....

i have had acne or many years, not sure anymore,maybe 4-5 years

anyways. i have had acne before, and proactiv helped me clear up my skin entirely in about 2-3 months. they say that their 2.5% BP works just as well as other products with more than just 2.5% and that its less damaging to your skin.

anyways, after my skin compeltely cleared i stoped using proactive because my parents thought it was too expensive. so, after a while, my acne came back, and is even worse now...proactive isnt helping this time around, and i doubt this regimen will wither.... sad.gif

it just happened over 1 night..... i had 2 big clusters of acne forming on the sides o my forehead right next to my eyebrows. then the next few days, i started breaking out on my cheeks and on the bottom of the sides my jaw. they come in clusters and are really big. right now, my right cheek lots fat and swollen. the skin around that area is still thick, unlike the areas on the side o my forehead where it wouls spill out puss when i rub it too hard while washing my face.

i remember when i had acne before, i had just as much as i did now, but its different...i used to use my fingers and pop my pimples all the time, and they never scared...but these things just scare by themselves.... cry.gif

until now, ive thought that there were only 4 different types of acne. I know i dont have Pyoderma Faciale because im a guy. i think i could have Acne Conglobata but im not sure.

everyone that I've talked to about goign on accutane told me not to. im afraid to go on it myself. the booklet that my dermatologist gave me about accutane said to stop taking it when you notice some of the side effects, but would it be too late by then?

my life sucks.... :wall:

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I have just read your posting, and even though I have no experience with accutane, I thought about dropping you off some words.

I know how frustrating acne can be. It is a legitimate reason to feel bad about yourself, depressed, but hey, when this comes to be you got to look at the bright side. Acne is horrible, gross, frustrating, BUT it is not a reason to think life sucks. I am sure you can walk, see, do sooo many other things people are not able to do. You have the capability of coming here and posting, as well as read and understand what other have posted. Many people do not have this great opportunity, and I think you, I and everybody else who reads this should realize. Acne is curable, it fades with time. Do not let this disturbe your life or mobilize it by the fact you have acne. There are so many other reasons why a person is worth than this. I know I am sounding dramating, and might imply that you go through this, but to you and evrybody who reads this, I know so many people who are soo frustrated that have thought of suicide. be thankful for what you have, don't give up and there is always something new to try that might be the cure for you. In your particular case, I would try accutane. Give it a try, and if you don't see any results and/or side effects discontinue the use.

Some helpful advices I can give you is drink a lot of water (min. 8 glasses) Swim every other day. That will help heal, smooth and eliminate bacteria because of salt or chlorine in the water. Avoid too much sun exposure, DON'T STRESS YOURSELF, and eat plenty of roaw vegetables.

Hope this will help you out a little and realize that it is not as bad as we make it to be.

Good luck,


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