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i'll start with acupuncture- i didn#t go specifically for my acne, i went because of headaches. this helped my headaches so much, what was at least once every two days turned into 3 days a month.

for acupuncture, i had to go once a week, and it was quite expensive. but it was worth it! my skin cleared up a lot, even though he wasn't specifically treating it. i think it's because acupuncture helps your immune system as well, so it helped my complexion. my acupuncturist looked at my skin as how my immune system was doing. i started acupuncture last october, and my skin began to slowly clear up a lot. after a while, i hadn't had a spot on my chin for ages. then around easter i suddenly got an attack and ever since then they've come back.

however, i stopped going to acupuncture in june since it was clear my parents didn't like that it cost of it. in my last session, he said that i was getting spots because my liver wasn't disposing of wastes properly and it was coming out as spots.

while i was doing acupuncture, instead of putting on a spot cream at night, i used to put on bach rescue remedy cream. after a while, my skin was super-soft and i wasn't breaking out. but after a few months of this, as i said, around easter, it just seemed to stop working for me.

last year i got my allergies tested, and i was told to stay off wheat. how could i do that? that is the majority of my diet! to make matters worse, i was also allergic to the main alternative to wheat! so i tried the diet for a while, although i cheated quite a bit - i ate rye bread with 10% wheat in it. the other alternatives were just not edible, and were also very expensive. i had no idea what i'd do when school came around - the choice of lunch is really just a sandwich. so i gave up on that, and i didn't see any improvement anyway for the time i did try it.

so that leads me onto this mixture of herbs that i tried. i got it in a health store, it was very expensive, and it was called 'complexion'. the lady in the health store told me that people had seen very good results from it. i think that it had mainly immune-system boosting ingrediants. i tried it for two weeks, morning and night, and i got about half-way through the bottle. it tasted disgusting and i saw absolutely no change with my skin - no extra breakouts, no clearing up. so i thought 'screw this..'

now i think I'll try botchla's regimen, my acne isn't that bad but i'm kind of scared that it could get worse if i try something new.

overall, the acupuncture was definately the best. i think that others should give it a try with their acne and see if it works. i believe in acupuncture, my acupuncturist's treatment was part counselling, part acupuncture and he would prescribe me chinese herbal medicine too (which i didn't noticed an effect in)

look around and see if anybody reccommends an acupuncturist to you. find one that you get along with well and feel comfortable around. oh, and the needles don't hurt that badly either - when he puts the needle in, it's kind of sore- but bareable, and then when it's in you can't feel it at all!

and with safety issues? make sure your acupuncturist is part of a register. they can only use sterile needles, and when you go you are automatically insured anyway. don't worry! relax, that's what it's there for!

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Accupuncture is great stress relief and I've done it on the road for when I was under a lot of pressure. Don't listen to anyone telling you acne is because of a clogged liver, though. Accupuncuture has a great place but as soon as a practioner tries claiming something about an organ like that, you gotta be careful.

Note -- when someone tells you "liver flush," don't listen; run. People, I know, will reply shooting down my comments but that, and colonics, are the only homeopathic medicine I'll tell you not to even think about doing.

What alternative to wheat are you allergic to?

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