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Salicylic acid / glycolic acid

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Hi everyone,

just wondering if you could help me out please. I want to buy a blemish reduction kit from ebay. Both kits contain a type of peel. One kit has a 15% saliclyic acid peel, and the other has a 30% glycolic acid peel.

Now i'm not really sure which kit to go for, it will be my first peel so i really need to minimise the chance of irritation , so i guess that means going for the milder of the two peels . . . And if so which is the less harsh (and less likely to cause permanent damage) of the two peels?

Also, i have just red marks left over and was wondering which peel would be most beneficial for them?

extra info. - i'm still on the regimen, and am using the full amount of b.p. . . . . not sure if that changes which peel i should go for?? :think:

Thanks a lot people

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Hey, there! :)

I didn't really read well just went through quickly, because I am in a rush and decided to answer you quickly, might just help you! :D

So, what you are planning to buy is way too much of everything...BP, sal acid, glyc acid...Your skin is probably already in a shock! but to bring in acids...:P I wouldn't do that. Your skin will be dull, no color, ...

Instead of acids, try to use sth nutritious for skin, sth beneficial, moisturizing,...What I am talking about is jojoba oil.

The thing is, red marks(i have them too, and trust me, all my face is covered with them!) isn't really hyperpigmentation...It's more like severly post-inflamed area under skin. So, you can't "lighten" a post-inflamed area because it's not like pigment it's more like a post-wound.

So you have to treat it like a wound. And that's exactly what jojoba oil will do.

Then, after some time of using jojoba oil(mixed in a moisturizer, or using JUST jojoba oil during the day when not in school,...but use it everyday) try to start using Aqua Glycolic facial cleanser it's mild, for sensitive skin(which what your skin is like, as you use BP!) effective...I read many reviews, some of them say that it fades red marks, that's why i recommend this. :P

Huuh. I hope i didn't forget anything.That's what I use(well, I am still in a process of buyin the cleanser, but when I earn enough money, I'll buy it, asap!) After a looooooooong research, after probably about 6 months of research I found out that the best thing is to use a good moisturizer+jojoba oil, lots of moisture sprays throughout the day, good spf, and one "active" thingy if needed, for me this will be Aqua Gly. fac. cleanser.

Hope you make the right desicion, take care.

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Thanks a load for replying to me :D its really useful! i think i will go for the cleanser you recommended . . . after reading reviews it sounds quite useful! And thats really helpful what you said about the jojoba oil . . . . i'm on the summer holidays at the minute so i can use plenty of jojoba oil! :) Thanks again :)

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