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Make your own Pore Strips

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I have tried this recipe out and it works quite wonderfully. Although you definitely don't need to mix up a tablespoon of this each time. A teaspoon would be enough.

And yes, it looks and smells really funky going on. Just try not to think about it.

The recipe for this home-made pore peel is:

1 Tablespoon unflavoured gelatin

1 tablespoon milk

Mix the milk and gelatin in a microwavable cup until thick and chunky

Microwave for ten seconds

brush on to your face (I used fingers, I was fine)

Wait ten minutes until dry to peel

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DIY Pore strips

I saw the video that Michelle Phan did, but unfortunately she wasn't the original creator for this particular type of pore strip. I saw this method of pore strip on a blog site for acne remedies along time ago. It is extremely effective and cost effective.


1 tbs unflavoured gelatin

1 tbs milk

1 beaten egg white (optional)

Additional item

strips of tissue (not paper rolls, tissue paper!!)


Mix the gelatin and milk in a bowl or cup, then microwave for 10secs on high. Please do not add the egg white to microwave, common sense will tell you the egg will cook!. Mix the egg white in after, it should get to a pasty consistency, if its still runny that's no problem, because the egg white will tighten up after applied anyways.

Place paste on your face with finger or foundation brush it doesn't matter, same effect. Warning: Do not place paste on your eye area, hairline or eyebrows. The paste is an adhesive, so when you remove it from these areas you will experience hair loss and extreme pain (please avoid these areas).

After applying the paste put the strips of tissue paper on the areas with the paste. Using the tissue paper ensures easy removal.

There are loads of DIY pore strips, do your research & come up with your own variations.

Happy Peeling :dance:

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lol ive tried this and it does work but i think the smell is just disgusting. I try breathing through my mouth when i have this on. Also, i dont know if its just me, but after i peel it off and rinse the leftover stuff, i still smell that sour smell. It smells like a funky gym locker room or sumthing haha.

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Does it rip off your peach fuzz and make your nose red and dry?

I think a few peach fuzz hairs came out for me (not like waxing them off) but it didn't make my skin dry. (I only have used them on my oiliest spots, nose and chin)

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