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I've got mild acne, and i'm looking to clear it up! ive tried using bp creams, but whenever i use them my face gets a little red and it feels a little like its burning or itching....is this normal? if it is, how long does it last? even if i wash my face with water a few times, i can still feel a little burn/itchyniess....does this mean im allergic?

I can't imagine keeping all the BP cream and moisturizer on my face all the time, so im trying blothla's regimine (Clean and clear blackhead cleaing scrub SA wash in the morning, SA wash again and the clean and clear continuous control bp wash at night. Do you guys know if itd be okay to use these in the shower? i don't know, since when i wash it off my face it would get all over my body....is this bad? can i do this regimine in the shower with using the SA and BP cleansers?\

also, i heard BP ages your skin...is this true?

thanks in advance for any replies :dance:

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I've recently started using a 10% BP cream that after awhile cause my skin to itch slightly. 2.5% doesn't itch at all, so maybe you could try to use that or try using less cream than u're currently using.

I'm also trying Botchla's regimen now, though I wouldn't use it in the shower since you said that the BP cream already irritates you. It's best not to get it anywhere else. I've noticed that the continuous control wash (with 10% BP) causes my skin to tingle when I use it. Though this regimen has been drying up my pimples and my skin is slightly less oily.

And for your last question smile.gif, some people say that BP itself does cause aging and others say that it causes aging b/c people don't use it with a sunscreen. I think if you use a sunscreen you'll be fine. There are so many other things that cause aging that I think the BP is insignificant compared to those.


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