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Need help determining the cause of MY acne

OK. Long story short, I've had very light acne since 8th grade. Just the occasional pimple around that time of the month. Always turns into wound and heals. Rarely scars.

Cut to end of last year. (I'm 20 now) and I got the same, a few a month, but they would not heal. Just turn into big weeping wounds, and I would get Impetigo. So I saw a derm and she immediatley said I have adult onset acne and perscribed my antibiotics. They made me sick so I had to keep switching, and basically I've been taking antibiotics for about 6 months, until I stopped last month cold turkey (bad idea I know, but they made me feel worse)

So now I have probably the most acne I've had in my life. Doctor still blames hormones and blah blah blah, she may be right, but I still somewhat blame her (childish I know) because I never had an actual acne problem until I started taking the pills and using the creams. I just wanted some help with my skin healing problem, WHICH has yet to be fixed might I add.

SO curently I'm taking Mononessa (generic birth control of OrthoCyclen) and just washing with cetaphil antibacterial soap. For a while my skin was doing pretty good, but BAM its getting worse everyday now.

Also, gross, but my uh...bowel movements....as less....ok in english I dont poop as much. Totally embarassing but there you have it.

Does anyone have a guess as to what my issues are?? I personally believe there is an underlying issue at hand, maybe liver issues that cause my hormone issues or something!


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