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long eyelashes!

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Much of eyelash growth is genetic, but I can give you some tips if you have shorter lashes due to damage.

1) Stop wearing eye make-up for two weeks or more. Your lashes take time to grow, and each time you put on and take off make-up you will naturally lose a couple. just like every time you brush your hair, your lose a few hairs.

2) Don't curl your lashes, this can result in accidental plucking, and it weakens the body of the lash itself.

Just like your head hair, you need to give lashes time to grow. If you have been wearing heavy make-up for a while, you probably have baby lashes that are growing newly, but they need time without make-up and products to become really noticable. You can retain your face care routine, but I would try to be gentlest around teh eyes and avoid wiping them excessively.

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Castor oil! I use this as a makeup remover too (it's the ONLY oil that doesn't break me out-and everything breaks me out) and it's awesome. After you've washed and moisturized your face, just use a dab of it and massage it into your lashes, focusing on the roots. There are legions of people on Makeupalley.com who swear by it, and I do too. Some people have complained that it actually makes their lashes annoyingly long, and that they've had to lower the amount they use!

Castor oil both helps condition the shaft to make it stronger, and promotes growth at the root. It's been long used as a formula for general hair growth.

Also, take note of the mascara you are wearing. Many waterproof mascaras dry very hard and can really dry out your lashes. The only drugstore mascara I've found that doesn't do this, yet doesn't smudge. I've noticed I lose fewer lashes when I use this.

Good luck ^_^

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This isn't natural (at least I don't think it is) but my sister used a product called Rapid Lash and her lashes were huge. Just putting my $0.02 in if you are interested. I am definitely not trying to advertise this product by the way because I actually advised she did not use it. It definitely did work though.

Anyways, for natural treatments, fish oil supplements should help with hair health. I have also heard that applying vitamin e oil to them helps but take with a grain of salt.

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It's not really natural, and they've admitted they don't know the the exact mechanism by which it works, but I've been thinking about getting Latisse. I heard about it a while ago when they were about to bring it out, it started out as a glaucoma eye drop and the side effects were darker/thicker/longer lashes. I've been seeing the results and people on makeupalley.com (I depend on their reviews for new product ideas and tips) all love it.

It's pricey, but I spend a ton of money on mascara/eyeliner/eyelash curlers so why not get something that definitely works? At least, this is what my reasoning is.

But anyway, you can eat things to boost your skin and hair, like vitamins E, A, C, etc. and all those yummy minerals...but as far as I know, eyelash length/thickness is just kind of you have what you've been given. I know this because I am Asian; I have short, sparse, straight eyelashes. I have tried a lot of things.

But everyone's body chemistry is different and I am not an expert of any sort. This is just what I know and what I've experienced. I don't like swallowing pills (seriously, I don't), but when I was taking a vitamin A and D supplement, my skin and hair were amazing. I suggest looking into that!

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