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Sunscreen/BP interaction??

Quick background, I had a bad experience with a glycolic peel burn about 4 months ago. My skin remained weak for awhile so I couldn't really treat acne, thankfully I didn't have bad breakouts in this time. Right about the time the acne returned full-force I felt my skin was recovered & strong enough to handle Benzoyle Peroxide again (the only thing that works for me). After a week of using it pretty heavy, I was glad to see I handled it well. The last couple days, I have started to see some skin peeling on the forehead & slight redness (things I would take over severe breakouts anyday).

Today, however, I made the decision to put on a 30 spf sunscreen/mousturizer/toner on top of the BP because I was gonna be in the sun more than usual. My skin has been plenty capable of handling moderate sun even WO sunscreen at this point, tho I usually wear it. It also handles BP fine.. but the 2 together at once made it burn pretty bad. I've read of ppl on here putting mousturizer on top of BP I believe, but I feel like the 2 reacted bad together. Is it normal to have both on together? Should one go 1st? It's about a moderate sunburn look, but still not pretty nonetheless. I'll have to backoff the BP abit for a few days now, but I absolutely 'MUST' find a way to use BP in a way that's unharmful because BP flatout is all that works!

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