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Trying everything Someone please help. Please.

Hello all. I am really in need of some advice. Here is my story. I started having acne when I was around 13. I'm currently 19. I first started with proactiv. Used it for years before giving it up due to not working and too much hassle. I went on retin a and that made my acne Soooo bad. Then went to bp, and my acne completely cleared. Then after while ingot ammune cuz it stopped working, acne came back.

I'm typing on iPod touch and it's getting annoying so I'll sum this up. I've been on everything since except accutane which I'll never. Bunch of pills yada yada, from 17 to now, I've had TERRIBLE acne. The point where everyone stares and wonders what the he'll is wrong with

Me. I know people on here know what I'm talking about e en though we know we are a lot more clean and do way

More for our skin then thempeople starring.

Anyways recently I've gone to this set up:

Morning, wake up brush withbaking soda. Eat pure oatmeal wiu chopped banana

Take 500mg vitamin c and 2000mg of cinnamon

Work out , tAke protein shake.

Lil later eat either tuna or veggie burger with lots of veggies.

Lil later eat breast of chicken with fruit

Lil later eat more veggies with almonds

At night rinse face in shower, my shower head is filtered so it's pure water, then apple dans BP

Take 1000mg of vitamin c, 1200mg calcium, 800iu vitamin D, 65mg solodyn.

My face now is all good except for around my mouth. The whole goatee area. It's always been my problem area!! I get nasty clusters of pimples mostly whiteheads and sometimes some really big whiteheads.

Can anyone give me advice? I'm gonna go to my doctor and get a blood test see what I need and what not, please post some advice this took very long to type on a touch lol

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You breakout mainly in your goatee area? Im gonna ssume you're a guy. I breakout there a lot too. I think it is because that is where my facial hair is the thickest. I shave every other day and I think that having that second day of growth makes it hard for me to put topicals on that area. I'll bet that if I shaved everyday it would improve my skin. but i'm too lazy.

How often do you shave and what kind of razor do you use?

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Yeah Im a guy, lol. sorry should have said that. And I shave every other day. But I dont even get hair in circle patches on the bottom of the corner of my mouth. And I just ordered that sensitive razor Dan recommends.

And what do people do to cure hormonal acne? Or am I just screwed, lol. Sh*ts messed up. It will clear up pretty decent one week and then the next its terrible, usually it is under control, but since end of May its been TERRIBLE. worse then ever. and it makes no sense. because all winter I ate sugar, drank coffee every day, drank milk every day, just had a pretty bad diet, oh and I also smoked pot everyday, and yet my acne was WAYYYYYY better then it is now, even though I haven't smoked in months and have a great diet now, life is so fair isn't it? lol.

Im gonna try adding Vitamin A and Zinc. Does anyone think I should go on somethin other then BP? Or a different pill? Whats good? LET ME KNOW! THX

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