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How to make a popped pimple (that has scabbed) heal faster?

Hi, I didn't mean to pop this one (honestly!) but I was washing my face and it happened so I gently got all the ooze out but stopped at the first sign of blood. It felt better for it anyway because it was pretty sore til then. After it had dried up I put on some Manuka honey instead of my usual Neosporin - because I find that Neosporin makes scabs turn kind of yellow/ green and crusty looking - and covered it with a band-aid.

So is it good that Neosporin is doing this? Because it always LOOKS worse. Should I use it, or the Manuka honey, or something else, or nothing? Band-aid or no band-aid? Any other tips?

Thanks as always! :D

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What I do when I accidentally pop a pimple is to press a clean tissue against the open wound until it has completely stopped bleeding. (I would switch to use different clean parts of the tissue about every minute.) After the bleeding has stopped, I would grab another tissue and press it against the wound, switching every minute as I did with the tissue, until all of the clear fluid has stopped. (You know, the clear fluid that comes after the blood.) Once that has stopped, I leave the wound alone for about thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes, I dilute a couple of drops of tea tree oil and dab it onto and around the wound. If I haven't washed my face yet, and I don't plan on leaving the house that day or for a while, I'd wait about two to three hours before washing my face again to make sure that the tea tree oil has done its job to seal the wound. The wound scabs nicely, and goes away quickly, too. I also make sure to apply diluted tea tree oil on the wound every morning and night. Once the scab looks like it is about to come off, but won't come off without breaking the wound and bleeding again, I'd dab a little bit of honey on it twice a day so the scab will come off by itself quicker.

And I'd avoid Neosporin, because it can occasionally make the pimple come back since it is comedogenic.

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Well after I a pop a pimple that was ready to be popped, I put a damp cloth to it. Then I put nothing on it and just go to sleep. By the morning, I just wash my face and put concealer on it. If I put nothing on it whatsoever, the scab is ready to come off in 3-4 days. It starts to look better too by the second day. When I was younger, I used to get a prescription for Bactroban (not the same as Bacitracin). It helped dry out the scab faster.

I think putting something on it like Neosporin makes it last longer because it keeps it moist. Neosporin is good in cases where you think you went so deep that it might scar but otherwise it would make it last longer.

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