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How do I get facial redness from irritation from Persagel 10 to go away before Saturday? +++

I think Persagel10 is making my face red. UGH. It doesn't hurt but still. It's red and I don't want to irritate it more by using makeup. Stridex is great though 2% alcohol free is love! <3

It might just be a weekend where all I wear is mascara and lipgloss, if that. Boyfriend says I'm beautiful no matter what!

I also used makeup today for a interview and then removed it with Garnier's Oil Free wipes, and I was red after that. So I'm afraid to use face makeup. My skin has never been like this before! :(

Should I even use blush right now or concealer? Boyfriend is spending Saturday and Sunday with me. Will the redness be gone by then? I hope so. :/ How can I get the redness to go away? Should I even use makeup this weekend or before this weekend?

Summertime screws with my skin too much. Throughout the year, I'm normally clear except for hormonal breakouts. I have oily skin.

I've been using Persagel10 since June and it's just now doing this to me.

Skinboard on a website said I'm overdrying my skin, I'm using Biore's Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, then Stridex Maximum Alcohol Free Pads, then Persagel 10, then I moisturize with Garnier's Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream and at night I mix my moisturizer with Jojoba Oil.

My morning routine is the same without the Persagel 10 and Jojoba Oil.

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