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Thinkin about goin 2nd course of accutane

ok so I decided to go on accutane 2 yrs ago because of persisten moderate acne..

I started with 20mg then upped to 60mg..and did 5 months

I weigh 160lbs, 20yrs old and 6ft tall.. so I was clear after accutane for about an year n half then now acne is slowly comin back..

mostly in nodules.. its weird because I have this acne cycle like every 2-3 weeks I be clear then next 2-3 weeks I will breakout consistently..Im thinkin because of hormones..

reason I think goin on 2nd course would do the trick is because first course I did it very poorly and the dosage was not efficient I think.

so I was thinkin if I do go on 2nd course, I would do..

1month 40mgs

2month 60mgs

3-6 months 70mgs.. since its 1mg per 1kg

do you think this is good idea and cure this acne cycle for good???

please share your experience and advise thanks.

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It probably would supress your acne for good, but I don't think its worth it. It's not worth the toll accutane puts on your body. Accutane MAY shorten your stem cells within the areas of your body that are constanly replicating such as your bone marrow, skin, gut and some areas of the brain. This can cause \problems down the road.

Head back to your derm. A lot of times one's acne does not return to the severity it was before your first course so don't worry too much. Try to manage it with topicals, or even some oral antibitocs as soon as possible to stop it in its tracks.

Best of luck,


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