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clean and clear blackhead scrub thing

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would it be ok to use the clean and clear blackhead clearing scub while on accutane???


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The microbeads might irritate your skin. I guess you can test it on a small spot on the side of your face and see how it goes :eek:

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Mary Kay makes a similar product called Velocity which is basically the same kind of SA formulation that C&C is, but the microbeads are much, much smaller so this may be a better option for you, although it is more expensive (about $12-14 for 4 oz).

I've got a small sample size I can send you if you are interested, although I did use a bit before discovering that I liked the C&C better because of the exfoliation factor.

BTW, the person that I get the Mary Kay products from ships anywhere in the US, plus you can get a total money back refund if you are unhappy with any of their products. She even sends you the mailer to mail it back to her!

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This whole thing about accutane and SA was kind of bothering me because I couldn't remember if you could use SA while on accutane, so I did a search and came up with this from someone's journal........

Well I got a really wonderful email from a lady who was a Dermatologists Assistant and who also went through a couple treatments of Accutane. I wanted to share some of the advice she gave me with you.

First off she told me that Accutane users are not supposed to get chemical peel of retinal facials during OR 12 months after you FINISH your Accutane treatment. I found this interesting since I was actually planning on getting a peel as soon as my treatment was over. She explained that your skin is still in a very sensitive and healing stage during the year after treatment.

She also mentioned that Accutane users are not supposed to use retinal and alpha hydroxy products during or 12 months after either. Some of us on the message board speculated this but now we actually have a final answer! smile.gif

I want to mention that for the last 2 months I have been using Neutrogena Flawless Finish Blemish Treatment Foundation, which contains Salicylic Acid, but have not had any type of problem with my now very sensitive skin. But this is a Beta Hydroxy Acid and should also not be used. Guess I have to find another foundation...

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